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Custom Built Computers & Servers

We build complete custom computers and servers made to your exact specifications. The primary advantage of buying a built machine is upgradeability and premium component selection. You specify your requirements and budget and let our experts assemble the very best components for performance and interoperability based on your requirements and budget. You decide what goes into your system. Some of the major advantages of custom built systems include:

  • Custom computers and servers built to your exact specifications
  • We use proven industry standard components from brand name manufacturers
  • Most every part of the system can be upgraded
  • We use industry standard components so there is never a problem with driver support
  • We select the very best components for performance and compatibility based on your budget
  • Upgradeability - For example replace your motherboard to the next generation of processors without having to replace your entire computer

All computers systems are assembled and serviced locally and carry 1-5+ year manufacturer warranty on parts.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.





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